(Video) Chest and Back Exercises for Seniors

senior man doing a chest workout on the chin/dip assist machine

These chest and back exercises are a great way for seniors to improve their posture, and increase their overall upper body strength. Here is an explanation of our chest and back exercises for seniors, what you need to perform it, and why it is such an effective exercise for seniors.

What are chest and back exercises for seniors and how can they benefit me?

These chest and back exercises work mainly the middle back, but also the biceps, lats, and shoulders. It’s one of the most effective workouts for strengthening your entire upper body, and thus making everyday tasks and activities involving your upper body (which is most of them) much easier. You’ll be using a chin/dip assist machine to work your chest and upper back, which allows you to perform the movement of a chin-up while assisting you with lifting your bodyweight when weights are added to the other end – this is a great machine to use to work up to doing a full body weight chin-up.

Next, you’ll be using gymnastic rings to do push-ups. These can be quite difficult, so you may wish to start from your knees. Eventually, when you get strong enough to do them from your feet, you will feel the difference in your chest and your triceps. The next exercise will also be done on gymnastic rings, but these ones should be elevated higher, so that you can do the movement from the last exercise, in reverse. This is a form of pull-up. Lie back, and pull yourself up with the rings, feet flat on the floor, until your hands touch your shoulders.

Finally, you move back to the chin/dip machine, and this time, you’ll be doing dips with a slight forward lean, in order to more effectively work the chest muscles.

Each exercise should contain around eight repetitions. Once you complete all four exercises (called a “quad-set”), you’ve finished one set. Ron recommends doing four more sets, but if you cannot, then do as many sets as you can, with the goal of eventually being able to do five sets in total.

What equipment do I need to execute this chest and back workout?

This chest and back workout doesn’t require high tech equipment, but a few items are needed. In order to perform this move, you’ll need:

  • A chin/dip assist machine
  • Gymnastic rings – one pair low to the ground, and another pair elevated to about hip-height

Why is a chest and back workout effective for seniors?

A good chest and back workout can increase your upper body strength by an incredible amount. It is important to maintain a strong chest and back, since these are major muscle groups of the body, and if they are strong, they will allow you to perform everyday tasks and activities with far more ease. You’ll notice a stronger, more powerful golf swing, an easier swim stroke, less back pain, and you’ll be able to throw your baby grandson up into the air with ease!

Chest and back exercises for seniors: A free how-to video

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