(Video) Posture Exercises for Seniors

posture exercises for seniors

Let’s face it: sitting up straight takes far more effort than sitting with hunched shoulders. But do this enough throughout your life, and by the time you’re a senior, you’ll have terrible posture that will feel almost impossible to correct. It’s not impossible though: with the right exercises, we can correct your posture in less than a month, and by strengthening the right muscles with these posture exercises, you’ll eventually find that it’s easier to sit straight than to hunch your back.

What posture exercises should I do, and how will they benefit me?

There are many different muscles that must work together to achieve good posture. If you aren’t sure exactly what I mean by “good posture”, try this: find the highest point on the top of your head, towards the back. Now, imagine that someone has attached a string to it, and is pulling the string up towards the ceiling. Your abs pull in, your chest puffs out (but not too much), your shoulders go down, and your spinal column lengthens. That is good posture.

But, it’s hard work. However, as I said above, if you try these exercises, it won’t be for long.

In the video below, Ron demonstrates the technique required to perform two posture exercises, both of which will strengthen you upper and mid-back, thus making it far easier for you to achieve good posture.

The posture exercises Ron recommends are rows and inverted flies. Happily, both of these exercises use the same stance, so you only need to change your arm movements.

Start with the rows: stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and bend over with a straight back, as Ron demonstrates in the video. With free weights in either hand, arms danging down in front of you, pull your arms up towards your chest, making sure to keep your elbows tucked in. Lower again slowly. Do about eight repetitions.

Next, move on to inverted flies. In the same stance, with free weights in either hand, let your arms hang down in front of you. Now, open them up, keeping your arms straight (with a slight bend in your elbows), until they are parallel (or close to parallel) with your shoulders. Now lower them back down slowly. Do about eight repetitions.

What equipment do I need to execute these posture exercises?

These posture exercises require minimal equipment. All that’s needed is a set of free weights heavy enough to challenge you on these movements, but not so heavy that you cannot complete eight repetitions.

Why are these posture exercises effective for seniors?

Rows and reverse flies are great for correcting senior posture, because they work those muscles in between your shoulder blades, which are integral for good posture.

It’s important for seniors to do posture exercises to correct their posture, because having a hunch in your back puts strain on your other muscles, causing pain, and potentially injury. In addition, working out with a hunched back can also cause injury. Correcting your posture is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, as a senior!

Posture exercises for seniors: a free how-to video

How to Stretch Your Back After These Posture Exercises

The area in between your shoulder blades is a tricky one to stretch, post-workout, but we’ve got a great stretch for you. Find a pole that you can wrap your arms around. Stand up straight facing the pole, and hold on to it with both hands. Now, abs pulled in, drop your bum so that your body forms a “C” from your shoulders down to your feet. Drop your head and you’ll feel the stretch in the muscles you just worked. Move from side to side slowly for an even deeper stretch.

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