12 Tips to Lose Belly Fat for Seniors

senior man pinching an inch of fat
Can you pinch more than an inch?

My clients love the strength gains they make when training with me, but most people come to me because they want to lose belly fat. There are 2 types of belly fat, subcutaneous, that you can pinch with your fingers, and visceral, which is fat inside the abdominal wall which, when eliminated, will decrease your waist circumference for a leaner look around the middle. Neither can be eliminated with standard abdominal exercises; don’t believe the hype. Here are my top 12 tips for losing both subcutaneous and visceral belly fat, specially-created for seniors:

  • Strength train with many different exercises, using short rest intervals – short intervals keeps your heart rate constantly up, and revs your metabolism big time, while adding muscle to your body burns fat quickly.
  • Utilize a variety of protocols, that is, constantly change up your sets, reps, weight and rest intervals – constantly challenging your body will not only keep your brain engaged and keep you from getting bored, but also will result in a better physique since your body never gets used to anything.
  • Get adequate sleep each night for improved body composition – a well-rested body performs much better on the inside, and looks much better on the outside.
  • Eat a nourishing breakfast and include coffee, pre-workout. Don’t train on an empty stomach – just like a car, your body needs fuel to run. Feed it with healthy foods that it will benefit from, and can use for optimal results.
  • Avoid processed foods, corn syrup, gluten and soy.
  • Do eat good fats as found in fish, meats, avocados, nuts and oils such as coconut and olive – fat, contrary to popular belief – is not bad for you. The right kinds of fats – ie. polyunsaturated, omega-3 oils, etc., are actually incredibly healthy, and will help you feel satisfied sooner, thereby actually helping you consume fewer calories.
  • Take supplements such as BCAAs, L-Carnitina and fish oil to lose visceral fat. If you want to know more about these supplements and why they’re great for seniors, check out my e-book on recommended supplements for seniors.
  • Eat only good carbs which contain a low glycemic index – this keeps your blood sugar levels from spiking, which can help reduce health problems and give you better control of your weight.
  • Take Vitamin D supplements – low levels have been linked to excessive belly fat.
  • Hydrate regularly, but not with alcohol, soda or fruit juice.
  • Eliminate all sugars including sweeteners with the exception of Stevia
  • Consume anti-oxidants such as green tea, and blueberries and take some probiotics for gut health

Use these tricks, combined with strength training, and you’ll shave inches off your stomach in no time! Remember that the easiest way to lose belly fat is to burn more calories than you consume – and that will never change, no matter how old you become!

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