The Right to Bare Arms

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Don’t cover up your best assets!

Ever since Michelle Obama became a celebrity, impressive arm development on women became a priority. No longer was it “thin is in”, but rather firm shapely arms were de rigeur.  The problem is, particularly with women, that your arm is a genetically predetermined size, and if the underlying muscle has atrophied or shrunk, then you now have flabby arms. That is a lot of excess skin wrapped around very small muscles. This is what they call bingo wings.

The obvious solution to bingo wings is to pump up those muscles with exercises, specifically for those muscle groups, as well as ingesting supplements, which will aid in their hypertrophy or enlargement.

The basics of working the arms

Your two basic upper arm muscles are your triceps (back of the arm), and your biceps (front of the arm). The triceps are used to extend or straighten the arm, whereas the biceps flex or bend the arm. For women, the triceps are usually the arm’s weakest muscle.

Isolation exercises (exercises where one particular muscle is isolated and worked) are called for to strengthen and pump up the arms. Each limb must be trained the same way, with the same number of repetitions and sets of exercises to prevent muscle imbalances.

All muscles respond best to a variety of exercises, and a relatively heavy weight is best for results. This is one reason why women who do circuit routines often plateau – the exercises are always the same, and the weights are rarely heavy enough.

My top two recommended exercises for stronger arms are push-ups and tricep dips. They are extremely simple movements (though challenging!) and require absolutely no equipment.

Besides aesthetics, strong powerful arms will allow a person to push and pull, and function to a greater degree in life. It just so happens I have made a video, particularly for seniors called The Super Senior Arm Pump. Check it out if you’re serious about increasing your arm strength and getting rid of those bingo wings!

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It has been not only a pleasure but really valuable to have worked out with you. Your expertise and attention have most welcome! I’m amazed by the progress I’ve made in such a short time. Thank you.

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