Diet Drinks Linked with Higher Depression Risk in Seniors

Perhaps seniors need to take a second look at diet drinks. A new study revealed that drinking too many diet drinks may increase seniors’ risk of getting depressed. This new study is the first of its kind that links diet drinks to adverse health. The study, released early 2013, could lead to more studies that may unearth potential health hazards of drinking too much diet drinks.

On diet drinks

For years, plenty of insinuations have been circulating about the health hazards of drinking diet sodas. Some allegations have accused diet sodas of causing cancer. There are rumors that people tend to eat more after gulping down diet sodas because the body needs to compensate for the low calorie intake. However, these accusations have largely remained unproven for years. The latest study on diet sodas is the first one that linked diet drinks to adverse health conditions.

Research proper

Researchers asked participants to consume diet drinks throughout the duration of the study. The results of the study showed that 38 percent of the participants were likely to develop depression. The study said that this is irrefutable proof that diet drinks can make one depressed.

Research scope

The research started in 1995 and monitored about 265,000 people. Most of the participants were between 50 and 71 years old during the start of the research. After 10 years the participants were polled and it was found out that four percent of the subjects have been diagnosed with depression since 2000.

The significance

Some pundits commented that four percent is not a significant enough number to sound the alarm on diet drinks. However, it cannot be denied that drinking diet soda can make you depressed. People that drank at least four cups of diet soda each day are likely to develop depression compared to people that never had any soda.

The implications

The new study tries to bring into the light the implications of drinking diet sodas. The research opens a whole new chapter on the health hazards posed by diet sodas erstwhile regarded as part of urban legends. The study is trying to tell the public that diet drinks do not provide clear healthy benefits than regular sugary drinks. Curiously, the same study is trying to tell that drinking coffee can make people less depressed. Researchers found out that seniors that drank four cups of java a day were less likely to develop depression.

The opposition

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) remained unperturbed and continued to tell the public to continue drinking diet drinks to help maintain a healthy weight. BDA said that there have been extensive studies about the safety of artificial sweeteners on the body. BDA maintains that the new study failed to substantially prove that drinking diet drinks can have adverse effects on human health, especially among seniors.

If you really want to achieve an optimum level of physical and mental fitness might as well go for plain water. Many people despise plain water because it is tasteless and boring. Little did they realize that water remains to be the best beverage when all you want is a healthy mind and body. Plain filtered water is devoid of harmful chemicals and other artificial sweeteners that may only do more harm than good to your body. Starting out on an eight-glass a day of water may be difficult especially for people who have been used to taking carbonated beverages and diet drinks. But, it is all just matter of getting used to it. Eventually, you will realize that once you ditch those diet drinks you will feel so much better.

The Pandora’s Box is now open. The new study sparked a new debate on the health significance of diet drinks on wellness. What we can count on is the fact that nothing can beat drinking water and other natural fruit juices for hydration. Drinks that are devoid of sugars and chemicals are undeniably safer and healthier.

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