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It is a privilege to grow old because many were born but never got the opportunity to reach an age when they would be considered senior citizen. As such when you are a senior, you should consider it a blessing. While growing old is good, it comes with its own sets of discomfort. As people grow old, they begin to lose the active functions of their body parts and some parts even suffer from atrophy. Many conditions set in that is as a result of either a poor lifestyle lived for many years or just the simple fact of growing old.  For most seniors in the US, they are either on one prescription drug or another. Most of these drugs can be very costly when purchased from within the US as such most people are turning to countries like Canada where prescription drugs are relatively cheaper.

Why are drugs cheaper in Canada?

In Canada, the prices of drugs are controlled as such pharmacies cannot issue prices for drugs at their discretion. This firm law on price control has helped ensure that buying drugs in Canada is very affordable for many people. Even with the added cost of shipping and the time lag between when you buy the drug and when you receive it, buying prescription drugs for seniors from Canada still proves o be cheaper than if you had to buy in the US.

Is it legal to import drugs into the US?

Technically the answer will be no, but given that even the house of representatives has accepted the need for people to get drugs at cheap prices and passed laws stipulating conditions under which drugs can be imported. There are at least three laws presently in place that define conditions for importing drugs. There are still restrictions for seniors to import drugs however; these restrictions are hardly observed since no one is ready to arrest and older person. Also given the fact that states like Minnesota and Vermont are fine with people importing drugs from Canada, it is hard for the law to actually take any serious measures.

Are drugs from Canada Good?

Yes you can be sure of the quality of drug when you buy from Canada. Canada has similar laws on drugs just as in the US and makes sure these laws are respected. If you decide to buy a prescription drug from Canada, you owe it to yourself to make sure that you are buying from a reputable pharmacy. As such you should take time to research the different pharmacies that are considered legit and available online. To get such pharmacy, a site like can be very useful.

If you have a senior that you are taking care of and would love to  fill their prescription medication, you can do so buy checking for the drugs from online pharmacies in Canada. It is no secret that fill prescription drugs in through US pharmacy drills a hole into the pocket. Thankfully, Canada which is just up north offer a better and cheaper opportunity for getting prescription drugs for seniors.

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