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The Road to Appendicitis Surgery Recovery

Ron's recovery process from appendicitis surgery.

Senior Superstars: Over-60s who still kick ass!

Get inspired by these super seniors who are doing super things!

How to Avoid Back Pain After a Long Flight

How to prepare your back for a long flight.

New Years Resolution Goal Setting for Seniors

Read our guide to setting healthy, achievable new years resolutions that you can actually keep!

“You have just won the lottery”

Those words the words of Dr. Ramos Corona as I was checking out of my hospital room today. As my operating surgeon, he ought to know.

How to Recover from Appendicitis: Ron’s ordeal

I have always considered myself to be in good shape, senior-aged or not. Just in the last few days, I have discovered how feeling old can be.

Centenarian Secrets for Seniors

Be inspired by the centenarians who have lived long, healthy and happy lives!

Senior of the Week: Stan the Man

Stan, 62, can now bench 115 his story

The Story of “P”

"P", 67, has made fantastic progress in her workouts and is kicking Ron's butt!


Ron takes on a senior couple who smoke and pushes them to get healthy and fit.

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