Editorial Guidelines

About Super Senior Fitness

Our mission at SuperSeniorFitness.com is to empower seniors to regain their strength, in order to regain their independence. Our motto is “getting old is not for weaklings”.

We aim to be the online senior resource for staying fit and healthy beyond the age of 60, and into the 70s, 80s, 90s, and above, with up-to-date new, features, analysis, workout and exercise ideas, the latest trends in senior fitness, and free instructional videos.

Topics we cover

We cover a wide range of topics, all centered around the theme of senior health and fitness. Here is our list of categories:

Beginners – Covers the basics of senior health and fitness, broken down into easily-digestible bites for beginners to digest
Health & Fitness news – Covers the latest news and trends in senior health and fitness
Anti-Aging – Covers everything to do with anti-aging, from nutrition, to skin care, to anti-aging workouts
Nutrition – All about senior nutrition, from recipes, to cooking advice, to meal ideas, to coverage of new supplements for seniors, to the top superfoods, and more
Senior Workouts – Workout ideas and tips for seniors; in this section, we include our workout challenges as well
Senior Exercise How-Tos – Breaks down an exercise or workout for a specific muscle group, explaining what the exercise is, what equipment is needed, and why it is beneficial for seniors – instructional videos or detailed photos must accompany the article
Super Senior Ladies – Anything specifically geared towards senior women
Super Senior Men – Anything specially geared towards senior men
Weightloss – Covers weightloss advice, tips, workout ideas, nutrition, and more
Motivation – Uplifting posts that will inspire our senior readers to get stronger and healthier
Success Stories – Stories from our friends and readers about themselves or someone they know, detailing how they became a super senior by getting fit through strength training
General Senior Info – Anything not covered in the above topics, that we deem to be of great interest to our readers

*Note: Subjects may fall under more than one topic category, and often do.

The subjects covered on our blog must fit into at least one of the above categories, and must be approved by our editor before being written about.

Keywords/ Keyphrases

Subject must be covered by a keyword or keyphrase. For example, a subject may be “squatting techniques for seniors”. With SEO in mind, the keyword or keyphrase agreed upon by the guest poster and the editor must be incorporated as much as naturally possible into the article. This means that the keywords should not be placed where they do not naturally fit, for example, a good incorporation of the keyword or keyphrase would be, “This article explains 10 great squatting techniques for seniors, from the simple squat, to the deep plie squat.” And not, “Squatting techniques for seniors are explained below,” or anything equally awkward.


When writing content for our blog, please refer to our best articles as a guide for writing style, voice, and to get an idea of the kinds of articles we like on our blog. Here are our top 10 posts:


Posts that differ too vastly from the above examples will not be published.

Reposting Policy and Publishing Rights

We do not accept reposts of content from other websites. All articles must be entirely original content. Guest bloggers and other parties may repost up to 75 words of content from our blog onto their blogs or other blogs, and no more, provided there is a link back to our website.

If someone would like to republish more than 100 words of our website content on their blog or website, they must first contact pr (at) superseniorfitness.com for permission. If a third party would like to republish our content in their newsletter, book, or any other kind of publication, permission must be sought from the same e-mail as above.

Social Media Policy

All guest bloggers must agree to share their guest blog link on their various social media platforms, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter.

Linking Policy

Promotional links are allowed, but guest posters are limited to one promotional link per post, which appears in their biography at the end of the article. Educational links that help teach the reader more about the topic at hand are allowed, but will be carefully reviewed and potentially removed.


Each blog post must be accompanied by one photo per 300 words. In other words, if the article is 600 words, it should have two photos. Photos should be at least 270 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall. If larger, the same ratio should be followed. The photo must not have copyright restrictions.


Articles should be broken down by subheadings, using h2 tags (if you don’t know how to do this, simply put the subheadings in bold and we will handle it). A good rule of thumb is to do one subhead per 150 words. So, a 300 word article should have 2 subheads, while a 450 word article should have 3. We also like how-to posts, and list posts. Try to end your post with a question towards our readers, to make them think about the topic, and invite them to interact in the comment section below the post.

Articles should be written to a grade 8 level, with short sentences. Complex terms should be defined and explained. Major points should be broken up with bullet points.


We are flexible on wordcount. The minimum length of a post is 300 words, while the maximum is 700.


Guest bloggers may be subject to one round of edits following submission of their article. If the article is still not deemed publish-worthy after that, the editor will either give the writer an option of a re-write, or not publish the article at all.


The deadline for the article will depend on where the post fits into the editorial calendar. Posts submitted more than 1 day after the deadline given will not be published.


At this time, we do not pay for guest posts, but we will reward you with a big thank you and +1 karma points.

Getting Ron to Write for You

If you are interested in having Ron, the founder of Super Senior Fitness, and our master senior strength and conditioning specialist, write for your blog, website, or other publication, please contact pr (at) superseniorfitness.com.

Ron is also available for media comments. Please get in touch.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to write for us, or would like us to write for you, please write to Kaila at pr (at) superseniorfitness.com.

Download these guidelines in this PDF file: SSFEditorialGuidelines

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