Free Senior Fitness Training Videos

Are you ready to get your body looking and working like it did 20 years ago? I’ve provided some free videos below for you to sample what I can offer you. Have a look, and if you like what you see, and feel like you’re ready for a total body transformation specifically catered to your needs as someone over 50, then get in touch!

Training Tips

How To Do The Roll Up For Grip Strength
How To Do The Roll Up For Grip Strength
How To Correct Your Posture In 3 Simple Moves
Paula Prepares
Paula preparing for the El Camino to Santiago Pilgrimage
The Peterson Step Up
Footwork Skills
Learn the Kettlebell Swing
Overhead DB Press
Learn the One Arm Row
Tri-set for your Triceps

Wrist and Forearm

Tri-Set for Biceps
Leg/Shoulder Workout
Chest/Back Workout
Posterior Chain Workout
Biceps Training
The Roll-Up Grip
Kettlebell, squats & dead lifts

Client Demonstrations

Next, have a look here at my clients doing some different workouts, to give you an idea of what it’s like to work with me, and also so you can try at home with your partner (be gentle!).

Wendy Hamlin Kick Boxing
Paula at 60+ yrs
Kettlebell Complex
Clients Kickboxing
Demonstration of MMA training
Forward DB Lunge, Reach and Press.
Forward DB Lunge, Reach and Press.
Side DB Lunge, Reach and Press
Combination Kicks
Combination punches
Ron and Babette  Warm up

Thailand Kickboxing Camp

In my efforts to seek out the best workout techniques for seniors around the world, I’ve been to Thailand a few times to work on my Muay Thai training technique. Below are some videos of me training in the ring at a camp in Chiang Mai. Think you could keep up? I bet you could!

Thailand Kickboxing 1
Thailand Kickboxing 2
Thailand Kickboxing 3
Thailand Kickboxing 4



Do you have any ideas for workouts that you’d like to see me perform on video? Do you have feedback for me regarding the above videos? I’d love to hear from you!

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