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I created this page to help motivate you. Please scroll down and check out the motivational quotes and photos below. Your comments and suggestions are most appreciated!

Muscles atrophy or shrink with age and non-use. Strength training will fill out that flabby arm or leg with renewed size. As excess fat is eliminated due to an increase in metabolism, lean muscle will take its place. Aesthetically the body will take on a more pleasing appearance.

Muscles will work as nature intended them to, helping the internal organs to function more efficiently. Blood pressure will become normal and cortisol or stress levels will decrease. Arthritis may be lessened through the additional joint range of motion.

Alzheimer’s disease may drastically improve, and dementia in older women will cease to be a major concern. Strength training therefore will strip years off the body as well as helping to cleanse the mind.

Look good, feel good, be good! Strength is the new skinny

Click on the images below for the ultimate in senior workout inspiration!

senior workout willpower quote

  strength is the product of struggle   start working out today   Making important choices in your life   Working out at any age   exercise is worth it   If you worked out when you were first thinking about it, you'd be done by now   70 year old inspiration for working out   Don't die never having lived

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