Super Senior Balance Video

Super Senior Balance Video
In this digital half hour video, Ron teaches you 13 exercises to achieve strength, stability and balance in the lower body.

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In this downloadable video you’ll learn…

  1. Peterson Step-Ups are performed to strengthen a specific muscle in your thigh (VMO) which provides stability to the knee joint and keeps the knee cap tracking in line with the toes.
  2. Box Step-Ups trains the participant to climb a step higher than normal and in all directions, making regular stairs seem ridiculously easy.
  3. Cone (reach & touch) teaches an individual one-legged balance, lifting from the floor to the upright position, eg. picking a golf ball from the cup.
  4. Squats are shown with proper form in three different versions to work the leg muscles in a variety of angles ie. basic, parallel and sumo stance hitting the leg muscles in many directions and preparing them to “catch” your balance when tripping.
  5. Box Squat is an exercise where one sits down on a low step or chair and practises standing up from that position to simulate getting up from a toilet or car seat etc. without being embarrassed.
  6. Split Squats work the forward leg while simultaneously stretches the rear leg. It is a great assessment exercise to ensure the forward knee is not wobbling.
  7. Dynamic Lunge is a split squat with movement. Rather than just dropping the back knee to the floor, now one is actively stepping forward and back again, strongly working the butt as well as the inner leg muscles.
  8. Lateral Band Shuffle is shown in three different versions, all of which are aimed at the outer part of the leg and butt, to prevent muscle imbalance.
  9. One-Legged Split Squat is performed only after one has achieved some degree of success with the preceding exercises and only with a nearby support for balance. A very tough but rewarding movement that improves stability.
  10. One-Legged Dead-Lift is another very challenging exercise that works the upper, rear portion of the support leg as well as the butt and low back helping to achieve symmetry, or equal muscle balance in each leg.
  11. One-Legged Balance is standing on one leg only and extending the opposite leg forward, sideways and backwards, shifting one’s centre-of-gravity to achieve balance. This is like a test to see if you truly have balance in all directions.
  12. Calves are the lower rear leg muscles, last but not least, that should be trained last. They are best exercised in all three directions with a deep stretch after each repetition. These muscles support the upper leg and are used for stepping and jumping.
  13. Stretching is performed at the end of an exercise session when the muscles have been worked and thoroughly warmed up. Good flexibility will help ensure good balance.

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Super Senior Fitness: The Busy Body

The Busy Body: How You Can Fit Exercise And Fitness Into Your Busy Lifestyle

Feel like you never have enough time to exercise and stay fit, even though you really want to? In this eBook you’ll learn how to…

  • Assess your physical condition — this is a great way to inspire yourself to move your body.
  • Find out how to reduce your risk of heart disease by at least 50%, as well as bone disease and diabetes.
  • Finally understand the complexities of cholesterol – explained in an easy-to-absorb manner.
  • Discover how taking three hours out of your week now could add years of optimum health to your life later on.
  • Learn how to break your workouts up into manageable time slots that you can easily fit into your busy schedule.
  • Prevent “plateau-ing” without extending your workouts by learning how to increase their intensity instead.
  • Learn the 3 major executive-level secrets to squeezing in workouts and activity into a jam-packed schedule.
  • Discover how doing everyday chores around the home can actually be a part of your healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn how travelling can keep your body from plateau-ing!
  • Prevent stiffness and soreness on planes, and fatigue and jet-lag afterwards, with this plane travel and hotel room activity guide.
  • Discover the three best tips for making your travels healthier and more enjoyable.
  • Learn the 3 most important floor exercises to do in your room with absolutely NO workout equipment!
  • Find out the ingenious way Germans are one step ahead of the health game by incorporating yoga into their commuter train services.
  • Avoid expensive gym fees by purchasing these 7 inexpensive recommended home or office gym products — they’re all you need!
  • Avoid scams and wasting money on unnecessary equipment with this tip.
  • Learn how to stay energized on long drives.
  • Discover the tiny device that can motivate you to walk for miles.
  • Learn the 4 items you must carry with you to make working out while travelling a piece of cake.
  • Never let your energy run low with these 9 pre- and post-workout high-energy, low-fat, easy snack suggestions.
  • Find out which 4 top hotel chains and 3 airports are almost guaranteed to have workout facilities.
  • Discover how exercise can actually help you build relationships with your family and friends, and help you make new friends!

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Super Senior Fitness eBook: Inner Balance

Inner Balance: An Easy Beginner’s Guide To Yoga And Meditation

To acquire increased flexibility and peace of mind, yoga is a great adjunct to any strength training course.

The mind is an essential part of a strong, fit body. Yoga has been a form of physical, spirtual and mental discipline in India for 5,000 years. The poses and routines are easy to incorporate into your modern day lifestyle, and despite what you might think, the basic yoga poses are gentle on your body and simple to pull off.

In Super Senior Fitness’s “Inner Balance: An Easy Beginner’s Guide To Yoga And Meditation” you’ll…

  • Learn where yoga comes from and how it has evolved into what it is today.
  • Discover the benefits of yoga beyond aesthetics – and how it can significantly improve your inner health and wellness, and your entire existence.
  • Learn how to gain a deeper appreciation for your mind and body, and become much more aware of your muscles, bones, organs, and their needs.
  • Find out the one thing yoga should NOT be used for.
  • Learn how yoga massages your internal organs to stave off diseases and fight illness, and help you live longer and healthier.
  • Discover what is the number 1 killer of people worldwide, and how to supersede it with yoga.
  • Find descriptions of the six branches of yoga, and use them to choose which is the best form for your lifestyle and goals.
  • Discover how pranayama can help you achieve inner peace, balance, and joy.
  • Learn the 2 best times of day to practice yoga and what hours to definitely avoid it, as well as where to practice, and where not to.
  • Prevent injury by learning the secrets to working with your body, instead of against it.
  • Find out the 1 technique that is more important than all the yoga positions in the world.
  • Discover the yoga position that relieves symptoms of menopause, headache, insomnia, back ache, and fatigue, and learn how to master it.
  • Get detailed step-by-step instructions, with illustrations, to perform the perfect sun salutation.
  • Discover the yoga position that improve sciatica and flat feet, which also strengthens and tones the legs, while improving one’s sense of balance.
  • Discover the yoga position that not only aids digestion, but can also be therapeutic for osteoperosis.
  • Learn the stretch which yoga’s ancestors believed cured many different forms of disease.
  • Discover a pose that stimulates your inner organs, especially the heart, and improves general circulation.
  • Master the pose that helps asthma sufferers and calms the brain.
  • Learn the one stretch the even modern yogis agree has the power to cure whatever ails you.
  • Find out how the simplest, gentlest yoga pose out there helps reduce stress and mild depression, and also helps lower blood pressure.
  • Discover the secret to meditation, with tips on how to keep your thoughts from straying.
  • Learn how to use meditation as a tool for clearing a good deal of physical and emotional toxins.
  • Find descriptions of the most popular forms of meditation and choose the one that’s best-suited to you and your lifestyle.
  • Find out a little-known secret to using your eyes to promote relaxation.
  • Discover the power of visualizing colours to promote healing and concentration.
  • Learn the 4 centring techniques that will immediately put you into a state of clarity, focus, peace, and balance.
  • Get step-by-step instructions for a complete yoga workout that can be performed at your desk, in your office, designed by yoga experts for office-bound workers.
  • Find out which 6 yoga postures will help headaches disappear.
  • Find out which 7 yoga postures will help improve menstrual cramps.
  • Master the headstand with these simple steps, and improve your mood immediately!

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*Do you prefer to watch exercise videos on the TV? Then click the button above to buy the physical DVD version of this program, available exclusively from Kunaki. After you order on by clicking the button above, be sure to e-mail to get the 2 bonus eBooks

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