Are you curious to know what others have to say about working out with me? Check out my long list of client testimonials below, and see what they have to say about their experiences working with me.


Wendy Hamblin (age 66)

Bob Dale (age 66)

Last November I was invited to a beach birthday party in Puerto Rico. The party was at the end of March. At the time, I was way overweight and out of shape. My first thought was tummy tuck, of course! I saw a plastic surgeon and he told me that most of my belly fat was in my gut not on it. He gave me a diet —6 basically part “atkins diet” and part low glycemic. Being celiac (allergic to gluten) I was used to avoiding bread, pasta, cake etc. so it was easy for me. From November to March, I dropped 20 kilos (from about 220 lbs to 175 lbs). I then decided against surgery and chose instead to get into a physical exercise program. I noticed Ron’s ad in the Reporter and began working with him 3 days a week for 1 hour each day. We are now at the end of our 2nd month and I feel like my goals have been met. My plan now is to join a gym here in Ajijic and continue the routines I learned from Ron; an excellent maestro (teacher) I must say! Thanks a bunch Ron!

Isabel Goode-Deblanc ( age 73)

Being non-athletic, although I have done yoga for over 40 years and taught tai chi chuan for 30 years, and having lived over 73 years, I must admitthat lifting weights was the last thing I ever thought I would do. But when a friend of 84 told me last year she was working out with Ron, I was impressed and decided it was worth trying. Before returning to Texas last December, I worked out with Ron about three months, three times a week. Iwanted to feel stronger, strengthen my legs and arms. And it worked! I felt great, and couldn’t wait to return to take it up again in the summer. Ron is not only a slave-driver, but a good cheerleader. He knows his stuff, so as long as I am here I will continue to do so.

Don Marie Fraser (Age: 64)


Though it’s only been a couple of months with Ron, I feel comfortable in recommending his services. I’ll tell you why. In two months, I’ve gone from NOT being able to do a proper squat because of a wonky knee to being able to do 10 good squats and repeating the process 2 or 3 times in an hour…I can do chin –ups(first in my life) and work weights designed to strengthen my weakest parts… I’ve regained long lost flexibility and developed muscle power I likely NEVER had. My friends have noticed a change in my posture and body shape. I feel stronger, healthier and my tee shots are getting longer. What can I say!!

Carey Lucas

Since working out with Ron I’ve lost pounds and inches.  Even better than what I have lost is what I have gained…flexibility, strength, endurance, coordination, confidence and perhaps best of all, a better understanding and connection with my body.  Working with Ron has dramatically improved my health and well being and has helped me realize the incredible power the body has to heal itself.  So thanks Ron for making the previously dreaded idea of exercise something I now really look forward to doing.  Exercising with you gave me my new philosophy on life…Live like a rockstar, feel like a superstar!!!

Paula Haarvei ( age 67)

Ron’s workout is a gift you give yourself. Since I have been working out with Ron three times a week, I am more aware of my body. I stand straighter and my balance has improved which helps to prevent falls. I have significantly more strength in my legs. I especially notice this when walking up the mountain to my home. I no longer need to stop two to three times to catch my breath and rest my legs. In a nutshell, I like the way I feel. Thank you, Ron.

Paul Nattall  (age 71)

I do a series of stretching exercises daily to manage a chronic bad back, however as I am nearing my 72nd birthday loss of muscle mass and strength was a growing concern. Joining my friends in Ajijic for the winter they introduced me to Ron and his senior’s strength training program. I enthusiastically signed up for a 6 week program and the results were evident within a few weeks. Ron has helped me improve my core strength and provided me with a tailored workout routine of bands and rings that will not only improve my flexibility but maintain a level of fitness that will keep me sailing my boat on the west coast of British Columbia for years to come. Thank you Ron.

Annie Green  (age 70)

Working with Ron has been a wonderful experience. His Knowledge of fitness and nutrition helped me tremendously. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about working with kettlebells, but I actually found it to be fun and effective! I do belive that it was with the help of Ron that I really began to regain some self-confidence. I was looking for a way to increase my strength. He showed me that with the proper nutrition and supplements, I was capable of rebuilding my body in a healthy manner. I worked with Ron for three months but I saw my body transforming quickly. After only a few sessions, my strength and stamina had increased and my muscles started to become defined. I looked forward to our meetings and was dissapointed when they came to an end. My training with kettlebells did not end though; I bought a set for myself! I continue working out and actually attended his kickboxing sessions wich I absolutely loved, I am looking forward to working with Ron with specialized training in the future.

I would recommend Ron to absolutely anyone. He is a compassionate trainer who cares about his clients. He truly tailors the exercise sessions to each and every individual. Much of his time spent outside of the gym is dedicated to researching a fitness plan that best suits you. So if you are fortunate enough to be able to work with Ron, then I would take the opportunity while it lasts!

I can’t thank Ron enough for what he has done for me. I credit my new healthy and fit lifestyle to him! Thanks Ron and good luck with your self-defence classes. What won’t you come up with next!

Bob (64) & Sue (62) Dietz

Results, results, results, that’s what we got. My wife and I spent long hours in the gym for many years with little to show for all the effort. When we joined Ron’s classes, visible results came quickly. The workouts were varied and fun. We got to do many things we had never done before. So, our advice is if you want results too, quit playing around and get something accomplished with the guidance of a real pro.

Elaine K (60 years young)

Dear Ron,

Below are a few words of appreciation of your professional services that you may care to use on your website. I do really appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and this small thing is a way of repaying some of your kindness:

I have been a member of a number of gyms/fitness classes over the years, often with on site assistance from ‘coaches’ as needed. This was the first time I’d ever worked exclusively with a fitness trainer of Ron’s experience and calibre. What a difference! The work was still physically challenging at times, but Ron’s firm, but enthusiastic encouragement makes one want to achieve the goals he sets. I am so impressed with Ron’s background, qualifications & teaching manner that I know I’m in expert hands & that he’s only going to demand from me what he knows I can physically achieve. His coaching solicits a state of mind where you want to do well, and want him to be pleased with your efforts, so I really try my best to achieve those goals. Sometimes, inevitably, I just physically can’t, but his encouraging attitude and acceptance that I was giving it my all, just make me want to do better next time (&, amazingly, I do!).

If you need help to get into, or maintain, fitness, health & well-being in your over 50 years, I highly recommend Ron’s services. His gym is one of the best equipped that I’ve seen, & we should all make the essential investment of time and money in ourselves to ensure that we stay fit and healthy to enjoy a good quality of life as we age. Thanks to help from ‘El Jefe’, Ron!

Ron and Babette

We have been clients Of Mr. Krayewski for the last 4 months. Our three sessions per week have resulted in a distinct improvement in our strength, our shape and our mental outlook. We are most pleased with the expertise exhibited by Mr. Krayewski. There is very little indeed that he does not know about physical training. He is a true professional. He guards against any over exertion that may harm the client. We enjoy the way that he insures the exercises are correctly done every time, a vital part of good training.

Mr. Krayewski is a true professional trainer, such as we have never before the pleasure to train under. We suggest, strongly, that anyone who is truly interested in proper and effective strength and fitness training, should contact Mr. Krayewski now. we Certainly will remain satisfied client for some time in the future.

Penny Lundmark – Age 60 – Retired Nurse Manager

I wish I would have called Ron sooner. Workouts at survival of the fit are never boring and the benefits of Ron’s Vast knowledge have been very rewarding for me. While the inches and pounds have decreased, STRENGTH, ENERGY, and SELF CONFIDENCE have increased. I can’t believe how much better I feel in just 10 weeks. I am looking forward to revealing the new person I am becoming to my children and Grandchildren THANK YOU RON for your Continuing instruction and encouragement. I am TRULY GRATEFUL I have received and continue to receive comments about How Good I look ( youthful in appearance) . My children think you are a miracle worker, my Grandkids love that I now play road hockey and other games with them. It is a great loss for the Comox Valley that Ron has chosen to relocate. He is missed and will continue to be by his clients , we have lost a valuable contribution to our community.

A grateful client, Daryl

My name is Daryl, I started training with Ron at age 52 weighing 240 lbs. I trained with Ron for a total of 14 months. By the 6 month with Ron’s training and nutritional help I had lost 40 lbs. and was well on my way to being in the kind of shape I was 25 years earlier. With Ron’s years of experience and knowledge we were able to work around and strengthen previous injuries that I had brought with me and achieved a level of fitness I didn’t think was possible. It’s hard to find a trainer as experienced and dedicated as Ron and if you are considering starting a fitness program I highly recommend Ron and his facility.

Iris O. Holistic Healer

A health crisis ten years ago caused my fitness level to plummet. I survived the crisis, but my fitness level stayed exceedingly low. Ron was recommended by a friend who was getting great results. I was afraid to start. I did not think I would last thirty minutes in the gym, but decided I had better try or my life would be over healthwise, at 46. I am now into my second month of workouts and loving it. I am stronger and have more energy and stamina. All I needed was the right help and coaching. Thanks Ron. I feel like I have a new life!

Frieda Home, Retired Health Services Strategic Analyst

Ron gives his best to get your best!

Alan Green – Age 56 – Electronics Technician

I’ve taken out a number of memberships at community and private fitness facilities over the years, but always lost interest and never achieved much. Weight training with Ron is great. His workouts are always challenging me to do more. I look forward to each session. After less than 2 months, I see results. I’m stronger and have a lot more energy overall.

Susan Wharram, Retired

I have never stuck to an exercise program for more than a couple of workouts in my 45+ years. I am ecstatic to be in my 5th month of one hour, three times a week, workouts. I owe it all to Ron. He took my fear of gym equipment away. He has motivated me into better shape than in my 20’s. I am addicted to training and love working one on one with Ron. It means I compete with myself and my goals. I am loving the results. Thanks Ron!

Marion Erikson – Age 43 – Small business owner

I have been attending regular training sessions at SURVIVAL of the Fit for over a year. During this time I have noticed an increase in strength and overall improvement in work-related abilities (physical). To my surprise I have been able to enjoy adding some kickboxing routines to my workout – something I thought I would never be able to do, especially with back problems. We work within the limits of what I can do, and it’s fun!

Wes Erikson – Age 40 – Fisherman/Restauranteur

I came to Ron with a back injury which was effecting my job. Ron provided the expertise and motivation. I needed to strengthen the muscles needed to support my spine. I continue to enjoy a regular fitness routine and I am stronger than I have ever been. It’s never boring training with Ron.

Lois Baxandall

I’ve enjoyed working out with Ron over the last eight years. Although I spend most of the year in the gym working out by myself, I still like to return regularly for update sessions with Ron. With particular attention to my areas of concern from past sports injuries, Ron provides me with new and challenging exercises and helps me to correct my form on my regular routines. The sessions are always fun and educational and I hope to continue with Ron for many years to come.

Tanja Yardley – Age 36 – Physiotherapist

I had the pleasure of working with Ron last year when I made a pact that when I turned 35 I was going to be in the best shape of my life. With 2 young children and a sedentary job, this was deinitely NOT the case and I knew I was going to need some help. Little did I know that “a little help” meant buckets of sweat, hours of laughter, stimulating conversation and the kind of encouragement that you just can’t find anywhere else. The workouts were challenging, varied and fun. There were so many times when I looked at the activity that he planned and said “there is no way that I can do that”. Then, miraculously, I just did, and suddenly it wasn’t so scary.

As my self-assurance grew, he tailored the program to meet my individual goals. Since I play softball, we worked on agility and hand-eye coordination. Since my upper body was weak, we worked on boxing and kicking (who knew I was so aggressive!). On days when I came from an exhausting day at work, I left energized and smiling. The training didn’t just give me a stronger body, it gave me confidence that I could tackle whatever gets thrown in my direction. Ron, I can’t thank you enough!

Jackie – Age 42 – Property Manager

Thank you Ron, It’s amazing how 1 hour 3 times a week changes everything! Although I have never had a weight issue, the impact your workouts have made on me both physically & mentally. has been wonderful! I feel stronger and appreciate my body and all it does more than ever. I don’t ever want to stop and I know if this was a gym setting I would simply not show up. The discipline along with your encouragement has paid off immensely!

Jeanette Holden – Age 52 – Facilitator

I have been working for years to strengthen my lower back and inner core to reduce pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis. However, every time I tried to move to the next level, so I could hike and carry a backpack again, I would hurt myself and be back to where I started. Last summer I herniated a disk in my neck and my general health deteriorated even more. The medical advice was the same as before; strengthen my muscles to better support my spine.

This time I decided to get professional help from someone who could guide me through correct positioning and provide a wide variety of exercises that included an aerobic component. Ron has been able to do that in a fun yet challenging class with two other women. We don’t just use machines, Rob has us using free weights, Kettle Bells, medicine balls and much more, exercising in ways that improve our balance and coordination as well as strengthen our muscles. We come to class never knowing what Ron has in store for us.

In three months, I have surpassed my goals and have no injuries. A two-day mountain hike while on vacation was a piece of cake! Thanks Ron.

Alena Williams “48 years young”

I worked out with Ron for three months, three days a week. I needed to get motivated as I was getting no where with my workouts as they were getting stale.

I’ve got to say that working out with Rob was never boring. He made our workouts interesting and exciting. He also incorporated a lot of exercises in class that can be obtained at home. He is an awesome instructor and can inspire you through his own stories of physical fitness through the years. He himself is a true inspiration as his fitness level is next to none for a 60 year old… he definitely should be the poster boy for “60 is the new 40.”

I plan on taking the summer off (of course sticking to my workouts) and then get back with Ron in October. Thanks Ron for getting me hooked on working out again!!!

Also I worked out with a small group of ladies with whom I had a lot of laughs and some great workouts. We fed off each others’ energy and that’s what made our workouts exciting and energizing.

This is truly the place to WORKOUT.”

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